What is ItsUp? ...

ItsUp puts you in complete control of your digital marketing portfolio. Get real-time performance insights for all of your campaigns in one easy-to-use dashboard, and finally have the ability to track any event. You can quickly enhance your most profitable opportunities and eliminate losses. Developed from the ground up by the most demanding digital marketers, ItsUp’s cloud + CDN infrastructure delivers the fastest results with the highest guaranteed uptime - 99.95%

Who we are ...

Our team members have one core passion in common - we’re all highly motivated to continuously improve our online marketing efforts. We love to tinker and test new ideas in the marketplace, whether that’s testing new sales funnels, advertising strategies, products, whatever - we have a ton of fun digging deeper and deeper into the world of online marketing. Each nugget of opportunity that we discover provides the fuel that drives our engine. Beyond that, each member of our team brings years of experience from the online marketing world that blend together, forming an well-rounded and effective management team.

Our areas of expertise:

  •   creating marketing automation systems
  •   managing large scale media buys
  •   building high traffic websites
  •   optimizing global payments processing
  •   maximizing revenue with strategic pricing
Clement Picquet
Co-Founder / CEO
Thomas Picquet
Co-Founder / CTO
Andrew Hellner
Sales & Marketing Director
And our Amazing Team:
Cyril L.
Aaron S.
Michael A.
Patrick I.